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when everybody else is gettin' out of bed, I'm usually gettin' in it

i'm not in it to win it

Kudou Youji
3 March
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耀爾 工藤 † Kudou Youji
endlessly clear white
Formerly a private detective, presently an assassin, and always a smartass, Youji was nineteen years old when his partner, Asuka Murase, was shot and killed during an investigation.

Or so he thought.

Unable to move on, Youji, now legally dead, joined the assassin team Weiss. Wanting both revenge for Asuka and the chance to prevent other innocent women from suffering her fate, he kills for money and a chance at peace of mind. The former is forthcoming; the latter significantly less so. Life managed to establish a sense of something resembling normalcy when Weiss came face to face with an all-female group of assassins known as Schreient.


By chance, Youji fought against the vicious, taciturn Neu, and broke her visor. Visibly shocked by what he saw, he became obsessed with her--Neu was clearly Asuka, having somehow forgotten him. Youji, hard as he tried, couldn't get the idea of reuniting with Asuka and recapturing their past out of his mind. When Neu took advantage of the fact, Youji was only too willing to fall into her trap.

Forced into a corner, Youji sacrificed their second chance.

And now he can only wonder... what's left for him?
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