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Jan. 16th, 2020

what's that manx?

How's My Driving?

Lack of Super Seven notwithstanding. ^^

Think my Youji isn't up to par? Here's the place to tell me.

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Jan. 17th, 2019


housekeeping post

Team - On HandCollapse )

Team - PC BoxCollapse )

BackpackCollapse )

May. 28th, 2011

not getting enough attention.

video/action for wherever † 3.5 † Fourth Wall


[This is what is looking at you, right into the Pokegear, blue eyes wide with wonder. It has been following Youji most of the day, and he has decided to name her Stephanie. Do not ask him to explain this. He can't. He just likes the name.]

Here you are, girls.

[Down the line, Youji's entire team each receive a Lemonade. Youji has Ariel, the Feebas, under his arm and holds hers while she drinks.]



--would you like Audrey better? Hmm. You seem like you'd prefer Breakfast at Tiffany's to Roman Holiday.


...Stephanie it is. Now tell me. How did you come to be here?

Audi audino!

I can appreciate wanting to be cryptic, but if you have a trainer looking for you, I'd rather you find them.
You know? Not that we don't accord well together, but--


...you're not even listening, are you.

[Youji sighs and drains his own Lemonade.]

Anyone want seconds?

May. 1st, 2011


video † 3

[OOC: Dialogue: Red = Aya, Green = Ken, Purple = Youji. Warnings for swearing and one really bad sex joke.]

[Movement. Momoe's whiskers twitch as she senses... movement. Narrowing her eyes, she can see two clumsy humans sneaking into her master's room. There's a brief moment where she considers attacking, but it passes; it's just Ken and Aya, two of her master's friends. They're being incredibly quiet, and Aya has something in his hands... hm. She leaps from her place at the foot of Youji's bed and turns on his Pokegear, focusing it on the sight of him lying face down in bed, pillow clamped over his head and sheets kicked far enough back to show he's only wearing a pair of black sweatpants. For all intents and purposes, he is dead to the world.]

Just how dead...Collapse )

[Once sure his friends are well out of earshot, Youji takes the Pokegear and fixes the security so that they and Mamoru can't hear what he says next, should they go turn theirs on.]

"I will be taking any and all suggestions for revenge."

[He smirks and shuts off the feed.]

Feb. 27th, 2011


video/text † 2

[[[Video // Public]]

[Youji's somewhere along Route 30, with a proud-looking Smoochum. Darling's earned a couple levels today and has decided to gloat by blowing kisses into the PokeGear. Her trainer, meanwhile, is studying a type matchup chart and muttering to himself.]

I suppose it makes sense if you've ever seen a bird fly into a power line...

[Darling nudges his leg insistently. He's about to brush her off when. Oh wait. PokeGear is recording, isn't it? Charming smile on, and he picks Darling up and cradles her in one arm for good measure. See, aren't they adorable?]

Some advice if anyone's got the time? You see, my little one is eager to try the Gym Challenge.

[Darling tries to kiss the lens; Youji takes it out of her hands.]

Really, I'm not much for fighting. Don't really like how she keeps insisting on fighting these wild creatures, and I really fear for her safety when she goes up against other, trained Pokemon.

[He looks at her with slightly exaggerated fondness. Darling looks back at him like he's crazy, before kissing his nose.]

So... those of you who have defeated the first Gym Leader, how did you do it? Those of you who haven't, do you want to? I'm only agreeing to it because Darling here is an Ice-type, and apparently birds migrating south for winter equals a type advantage in this asylum.

Really, anyway I can keep my little Amazon princess happy and provide for her safety is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to any advice.

[[Text // Private to Ken]]

Have you had any luck finding my brand of cigarettes? Or beer? Or an easygoing nurse? I might actually get on that job hunt if you found the nurse.

Jan. 17th, 2011

nothing devious behind this smile.

video † 1

[Video feed drifts lazily about New Bark Town. I'm sure you've seen it all before. An amused, disembodied voice begins speaking.]

All right. Obviously, there isn't enough room in this town for an asylum, so I won't bother trying to check into one.

[The camera lingers briefly on Mom's house. The unspoken implication is 'or trying to get others committed.'. The camera comes to focus on Youji's face. His smile is pleasant and friendly.]

I heard the 'Welcome to the world of Pokemon, they're fantastic,' spiel, so elaboration on what's going on is unnecessary. Far too sober to make sense of it anyway. I'd much rather hear about how you're dealing with this.